At the recent LAMMA agricultural show, a significant highlight at the event was the Triotrac X Range self-propelled feed mixer. This machine, manufactured by the Dutch company Trioliet, is renowned for its large capacity, making it the biggest machine to be fitted with the CESAR security scheme to date. The Triotrac is the first 32m³ feeder to be delivered to a UK farm, sold by Pontesbury Tractors Ltd.

The CESAR scheme, particularly important in rural areas, addresses the growing concern of agricultural machinery theft. The Triotrac, supplied by Pontesbury Tractors Ltd, now benefits from this scheme, receiving enhanced protection through unique identification features. These include tamper-proof ID plates and hidden RFID transponders, which not only deter theft but also aid in identification and recovery if the machine is stolen.

Incorporating the CESAR triangle into the Triotrac acts as a substantial deterrent to potential thieves. This addition secures the machine against rural crime and highlights Pontesbury Tractors' commitment to safeguarding essential farming equipment. The inclusion of the CESAR security scheme on the Triotrac represents a crucial step in protecting these valuable assets, ensuring that farmers can depend on their machinery when needed most.

Beyond theft deterrence, the CESAR scheme offers several benefits. It requires no annual fees, provides lifetime registration on a secure database, and is backed by a 24/7 UK Secure Contact Centre. With over 625,000 machines already protected by CESAR, its presence can lead to reduced insurance premiums. The CESAR database also enables quick police access, facilitating instant identification of stolen equipment.

The Triotrac feeder, a new entrant in the UK's agricultural machinery sector, is now operational on a British farm. Supplied by Pontesbury Tractors Ltd, this feeder boasts a 32m³ capacity and is powered by an FPT engine, making it ideal for large-scale farming operations.

The Triotrac 3200 model stands out for its practical features, including an 8m cutting height and the ability to reach speeds of up to 40kph on roads. This is especially beneficial for farms spread across various locations. The machine is set to play a crucial role in feeding over 1000 cows, with expectations of herd growth in the near future. It also contributes to the farm's energy efficiency by feeding the digester, reducing the need for additional machinery like telehandlers.

A key design element of the Triotrac is its adjustable cab, which can move up and down to enhance visibility and comfort for the operator. This feature reflects the manufacturer's focus on both efficiency and user experience.

Picture Below: Kevin Howells, CEO of Datatag, Bart Koekkoek Product Manager Trioliet and Paul 'Tex' Hamer Pontesbury Tractors, fitting the CESAR Triangle to the largest machine that the Scheme has protected.

Date Created: 01/02/2024

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