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Thames Valley Police are strengthening their rural crime prevention measures through the use of Datatag's Home & Property Marking System.

Households in and around the village of Piddington will be offered free systems allowing them to be able to mark items of value such as electrical goods, jewellery, heirlooms and ornaments with Datatag's forensic DNA solution, Datadots and warning labels. Recipients will also be able to warn off potential thieves by displaying household warning signs stating that their property is protected in this way.

Datatag will be providing additional street signage to help spread the word that their crime prevention measures are being used in the village and will also be assisting local officers with support materials so they can engage with residents explaining the technologies and benefits and also UV torches to enable them to identify property marked with Datatag technology.

Datatag's Dave Luscombe said, 'We have had significant success in reducing crime wherever our Systems have been deployed and we are confident that in using our Home Marking System and the technologies it contains residents will be able to sleep a little easier knowing their valuables are protected.'

Sergeant Robin Hughes, seen in the picture added, 'We are very pleased to have the opportunity to distribute these kits to the residents of Piddington. Supporting our rural communities in the fight against crime is central to us and this initiative will ensure residents are better protected from unwanted criminal activity.'

Date Created: 22/03/2017

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