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The Hire Industry returned to Coventry this week for the Executive Hire Show and Datatag ID used the opportunity to announce their latest innovative development, MicroCESAR.

MicroCESAR was first announced at the end of 2015 and Datatag's MD Kevin Howells presented further updates at the EHS in 2016, as part of the CPA's open forum. This year Datatag was back as an exhibitor to support their many customers.

STIHL used the opening day of EHS to announce their adoption of MicroCESAR, an equipment security marking system designed to provide added security for their dealers and customers.

Developed by the Construction Equipment Association (CEA) using Datatag security marking technologies and back-up, MicroCESAR is the latest addition to the hugely successful CESAR Scheme which protects larger plant and equipment.

STIHL Managing Director, Robin Lennie, said during the announcement, "Over recent years we have seen an increase in incidents of theft in the industry. With loss of equipment, damage to property and insurance issues - the impact on the dealer is huge. As a leading equipment manufacturer we feel it is our duty to respond and help our dealers protect their stock and offer their customers peace of mind. We are confident that this partnership with MicroCESAR will help reduce crime in the industry," says Mr Lennie

MicroCESAR uses Datatag security marking technologies to give each piece of equipment a unique and permanent 'fingerprint' that thieves cannot remove. Using a combination of a unique Datatag RFID transponder and a tamper proof warning/registration label with an integrated QR code MicroCESAR provides the Police with quick and easy verification of ownership without the need for special equipment or lengthy laboratory testing.

As an added bonus the Datatag technology used in the MicroCESAR system can also be used to assist in stock management helping companies track tools in and out of jobs and allowing users to easily access on-line health and safety advice and user manuals through the unique QR code and mobile enabled MicroCESAR website.

Datatag Managing Director Kevin Howells comments, "We're delighted to start 2017 with such positive news. I'm confident that MicroCESAR will be the next game changer in the fight against crime. We've already received overwhelming industry support and STIHL's adoption opens the door for other leading manufacturers to follow suit".

MicroCESAR is poised to make a similar impact protecting small construction tools that CESAR, launched in 2007, has had protecting larger items evident in its contribution to a 70%+ reduction in theft. CESAR has been adopted by a veritable 'who's who' of leading equipment manufacturers including Doosan, JCB, John Deere, Manitou and Merlo and STIHL will be the first to adopt MicroCESAR. Many other leading manufacturers are set to follow protecting a range of construction and landscaping equipment such as power tools, cut-off saws, hand-held hydraulic breakers and compaction plates.

Another big announcement at the show was news of the adoption of CESAR by Avant Tecno. Avant Tecno has expanded sales of its products by promoting the many benefits offered by their small but dynamic machines and the huge range of tasks they are able to undertake. Recognising the ever present threat of theft and the impact that it can have on their customers Avant have decided to help protect them by fitting the award winning CESAR System to their range as standard.

Raimo Ala-Korpi, Managing Director at Avant UK said 'We're always looking to improve our products and fitting CESAR is one way we can demonstrate to our customers that we recognise the issues theft has on them and how we can help prevent it. We are confident that this announcement will be welcomed by our customers across our product range."

The CESAR system uses a range of state-of-the-art Datatag technology to give each piece of equipment a unique fingerprint and can only be fitted by accredited and fully trained technicians. Once a machine is CESAR marked and registered it is protected for life with no further annual fees or subscriptions. All leading insurers support the scheme and offer up to 25% discounts on all CESAR marked equipment and machinery.

Date Created: 14/02/2017

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