MicroCESAR - Security and Registration Theft Deterrent System

CESAR What Is Video

Theft of handheld power tools is an enormous issue for the construction industry and one which costs businesses many times more than the loss of the tool.

Following the success of the official construction and agricultural equipment security and registration scheme, CESAR, the latest innovation protects smaller items with the same Datatag technologies.

To combat theft and aid recovery MicroCESAR combines:

  • State of the art Datatag ID technology
  • Overt and covert deterrents
  • A low one off cost to protect your power tool for life
  • Registration on a secure and accredited 24/7 police accessible database

The CESAR Scheme has become the industry standard for security marking with support from local authorities, leading contractors, the farming community, hire companies, the police, insurers and finance companies.

The Construction Equipment Association (CEA) and the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) fully support the scheme along with other stakeholders including:

  • Leading equipment manufacturers, importers and dealers
  • The Home Office
  • The police
  • Plant hire companies
  • Trade associations
  • Major insurers

The chosen delivery partner for the official CESAR scheme is Datatag ID Ltd - Datatag website

Examples of tools we can protect:

Micro CESAR Tool Example

Micro CESAR System Technology

Unique Tool Identification Label with QR code

These tamper-proof labels carry a unique tool identification number ensuring your property can be identified and returned in the event of theft. The included QR code provides access to the MicroCESAR app which allows users to access user manuals, health and safety guidance, find local authorised dealers and much more. Datatag will take legal action against any copying or unauthorized production of these unique ID plates that contain Datatag's worldwide registered trademark.

Flat Tag Transponder

This unique flat transponder can be easily installed onto the tool. It contains a unique code number which is permanently programmed into its integrated circuit and which as a result cannot be altered or deleted. The tag can be read by the police using the scanners Datatag has distributed free of charge to provide instant roadside identification without the need for lengthy laboratory testing.

CESAR - The Right Track

  1. A CESAR registered machine is 4 times less likely to be stolen
    (compared with statistics produced by IMIA)
  2. A CESAR registered machine is 6 times more likely to be recovered if stolen
  3. Visible and covert markings - a real deterrent.
  4. No annual fees - invest just once in marking and registering your equipment for life.
  5. Lower insurance premiums up to 15% and reduced excesses - CESAR is approved by all major insurers.
  6. Quick police access to the CESAR database - providing an instant trace on stolen equipment via Datatag's 24/7 secure call centre.
  7. Recognition by local and national government agencies making it easier to get your equipment authorised to work on major construction sites.
  8. No recovery fees for stolen plant.
  9. Free parallel registration with the DVLA's Off Road Register (for applicable plant).
  10. The market leading anti theft system.
  11. Reduction in stolen plant
    = less down time
    = more profitable business.
  12. The first industry-wide official scheme
    - backed by PTAG (Plant Theft Action Group)
  13. CESAR is supported by the Home Office & Police CPI.