The CESAR Scheme background

The Police advised PTAG (Plant Theft Action Group) of the difficulties involved whilst investigating plant theft. This included the lack of an official and dedicated national register, the problem of identifying an ever increasing range of Plant & Construction Equipment and a general lack of knowledge when dealing with this particular avenue of vehicle crime.

As a result of these identification problems, the Metropolitan Police proposed to PTAG the introduction of a National Equipment Registration and Marking Scheme supported by an accredited 24hr call centre as this would have a significant effect in reducing plant theft. This would allow all plant machinery to be marked and registered for easy identification.

The Registration Scheme

PTAG worked in conjunction with the Police and examined the possibilities of a National Plant Register and agreed an appropriate criterion the industry could work with and importantly, would be supported by the Home Office and ACPO.

This proposed National Registration Scheme was published and tenders invited from many well known and specialist companies to provide the scheme. The Home Office and PTAG invited the Construction Equipment Association (CEA) to manage the new registration scheme and after an extensive tender process Datatag ID Ltd was unanimously voted as the system provider.

Who's behind the CESAR Scheme?

PTAG - Stop Plant Theft

The Plant Theft Action Group (PTAG) - is a Home Office advisory group reporting to the Government Vehicle Crime Reduction Strategy team and attempts to reduce the impact of theft that organized criminal networks have on the Construction Industry.

CEA - The CEA Vision

The Construction Equipment Association (CEA) is the leading Trade Association representing the UK Construction Equipment sector. Members include Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), component and accessory suppliers, the trade press, specialist research companies and many more. The CEA works closely with the British government and its agencies, and with European authorities.
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Datatag - "Europe's Number 1 Theft Deterrent".

Datatag have been protecting property and machinery for over 15 years and have established themselves as probably one of the best anti theft systems available. Using "state of the art" identification technology linked to a 24/7 secure and accredited database the system aids with the identification and recovery of stolen equipment and impressively, Datatag has developed into the most powerful theft deterrent with a 100% successful prosecution rate* combined with their unique ID technology which is virtually impossible to remove.
*When used as evidence
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Datatag Accreditations & Awards:

  • Secured by Design - Datatag is a Police preferred specification company supported by the Home Office and ACPO Cpi Ltd (Association of Chief Police Officers)
  • LPS 1224 (The Loss Prevention Certification Board standard for companies providing a secure asset & database registration service)
  • IS0 9001-2000 (The International Organization for Standardization and their Quality Management System & Procedures standard)
  • Winner of Best International Security system - RFID Frontline Solutions

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CESAR Scheme Features & Benefits:

  • Each item of Plant and Machinery registered and protected by the CESAR Scheme will be permanently fitted with two unique and highly visible triangular identification plates which are tamper evident and contains a unique Datatag transponder.
  • Plus, each CESAR system comes with a number of unique Datatag® transponders or "tags" permanently hidden within the machine but can be located and read with Datatag's unique infrastructure of special readers.
  • Plus, each CESAR system contains hundreds of miniature Datadots® embedded with another unique number permanently concealed throughout the machine making them virtually impossible to find and remove.
  • Plus, each CESAR system also contains a unique Forensic "DNA" solution which is invisible to the naked eye and applied to the nooks and crannies of the machine. A thief would have to remove every last molecule of Datatag "DNA" to be confident of removing the true identity of the machine.
  • Each machine and CESAR system is permanently registered on Datatag's secure and accredited database which is accessible 24/7 for Police and Customer enquiries.
  • Plus, all appropriate machinery and equipment i.e. self propelled will be registered on the DVLA's Off Road Register (ORR) allowing Police instant access to the Police National Computer and registered keeper files.
  • Datatag does not operate or insist upon any reward scheme or "bounty fee" for assisting to find and identify stolen equipment unlike other registration schemes.
  • Plus, leading Insurance companies can provide premium discounts for owners and contractors of up to 15% -20% when registered with CESAR.