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The cold did not put off the hardy farming community which flocked to this year’s LAMMA show (Newark showground February 19th & 20th). Record crowds visited to see an array of expensive farming machinery.

CESAR, following on from a record 2010 when over 15,000 machines were registered on the scheme, had a lot of good news to share at the major event in agricultural equipment including the adoption of CESAR by Co-operative Farms, Valtra, and Gehl and public support, for the scheme, from Lincolnshire’s Chief Constable Richard Crompton.

On display at LAMMA, in conjunction with Lincolnshire Police, was CESAR, the official equipment security and registration scheme. The now familiar triangular registration plate was much in evidence on the equipment on the stands of leading brands including John Deere, JCB, CAT, McCormick, Landini, Merlo, and Manitou.

The triangular CESAR warning plate also appeared on some equipment for the first time with notable brands including Valtra, Fendt, and Gehl adopting CESAR for the benefit of their customers. A Gehl skid-steer machine was shown on the CESAR stand after an announcement, last week, that Manitou UK Limited has adopted CESAR for its range of Gehl branded skid-steer loaders. Ivor Binns, Managing Director of Manitou (UK) Limited, (shown in the image on the CESAR stand with Datatag MD Kevin Howells) commented: “Adopting CESAR for Gehl was a logical step for us. We’ve been fitting CESAR on Manitou construction and agricultural machines since April 2008. CESAR is a proven deterrent and insurance premium discounts, because of CESAR, are an important benefit to Manitou and Gehl customers.”

Kevin Howells commented at the show: “We’re very pleased to welcome another leading manufacturer into the fold. Gehl has a strong position in its market and is another well known name with CESAR on its side. Manitou, Gehl’s parent company, has been a strong advocate of CESAR for many years and it was the first manufacturer to fit CESAR to both its construction and agricultural models.”

CESAR is the most successful machinery security and registration scheme in the world, with over 40,000 registrations. CESAR has wide support in the agricultural market from the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA), the Home Office, ACPO, and major insurers including NFU Mutual, Aviva, Zurich, Allianz, and RSA. CESAR is a powerful deterrent against theft. In the 2 years October 2008-October 2010 only 264 CESAR registered machines were stolen out of 11,200 reported thefts. And of these 80 were recovered giving a recovery rate of 30.3% compared to just 7.4% for non-registered machine, an advantage to CESAR of 4:1.

Support for CESAR is widespread and includes the insurance industry, the Home Office and ACPO, the Association of Chief Police Officers. Richard Crompton, Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Constabulary and the ACPO spokesman on rural affairs publicly supported the adoption of CESAR by Co-operative Farms earlier this week and arranged for the Lincolnshire Police fully liveried police tractor to appear at Lamma alongside CESAR. (See image)

Richard Crompton said: "I am keen to encourage the rural community to do everything it can to protect property and equipment and prevent themselves from falling victim to rural crime. "These measures can range from extra vigilance, awareness and co-operation among farm owners and workers, to the use of the latest high technology security systems such as the Cesar system."

He said Co-operative Farms were setting a good example by making sure everything possible had been done to defend its property from would-be thieves.
"I welcome the Co-operative Farms proactive approach towards crime prevention and investment in technology to help protect its equipment," he said.

"Theft of agricultural machinery and vehicles is distressing and costly for the farming community and can be disruptive to time-dependent seasonal farm work.
"By adopting some simple measures and utilizing the advances in security technology, people can make a real impact on the level of crime within the countryside."

Ian Taylor, head of sales and marketing for Co-operative Farms, said: "The cost of losing farm machinery to theft is of high value to The Co-operative Farms, not just financially but to the impact it has on delaying food production: "The Datatag system gives us peace of mind that if stolen, our machinery can easily and quickly be traced."

CESAR can be fitted to any type of agricultural equipment and local approved installers are available across the UK. CESAR is a proven deterrent against theft and a cost effective investment, go to the web site at www.cesarscheme.org for more information.

Date Created: 21/01/2011

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