CESAR Set To Make Big Impact At SED

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The stand will feature CESAR-marked plant from Doosan, together with a Police Motorcycle to demonstrate the support the Police are giving to the scheme. In addition CESAR personnel will be available to talk about the success of the scheme to date and how operators and construction companies can protect their plant. There will also be insurance representatives from Allianz, Zurich, Royal Sun and Norwich Union, who can advise on lower premiums for CESAR protected equipment. HSBC Asset Finance will also be present to provide advice and information.

Zooming in on the plant theft issue will also be a subject debated via “spy” Video footage, which will be shown on a plasma screen, highlighting how easy it is for equipment to be stolen and also demonstrate how Police can recover CESAR fitted equipment. Crime Prevention Officer Ian Elliott is also featured following former criminals around London who reveal how they stole equipment. To caption the message in a practical but fun demonstration, a miniature quarry scene is featured on the stand. One of the miniature plant, construction and agricultural model equipment is CESAR fitted and whoever identifies it in a set time, using a CESAR scanner will win a prize.

Said Kevin Howells, Director, Datatag, the CESAR scheme operator, “While the take-up of CESAR is strong, there is still a massive area of the industry that are still to discover the benefits of CESAR. The importance of SED to the industry will surely attract a large attendance at Rockingham and we will be communicating CESAR heavily as a landmark development in plant theft deterrence.”

CESAR – The Construction Equipment Security and Registration Scheme – was originally proposed by the Plant Theft Action Group (PTAG) and has the official support of the Home Office and ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers). The CEA (Construction Equipment Association), the scheme’s promoter, is the leading trade association representing equipment and machinery manufacturers and associated UK industries.

CESAR Identification Technology is designed for application to any item of Construction or Agricultural equipment and this is carried out either in the manufacturing process or as an on-site retrofit to existing plant. Each item has its own tamperproof ID plates, for ease of recognition by the Police and the operating sector. This ensures that every item of equipment has its own DNA that is registered on the Datatag secure accredited 24/7 database, with appropriate vehicles also registered with the DVLA. There is total commitment from Police Forces nationally, with a dedicated Plant Theft Desk currently in operation. This operation “CRASSUS” has been carried out by police forces nationwide with construction and agricultural plant on and off the highway being subject to random checks. The results of how much the CESAR scheme contributed to the recovery of equipment will be proudly announced at SED.

CESAR Identification technology provides unique peace of mind, with the bonus of existing plant being CESAR protected for as little as £100 per item. Many insurance companies are offering lower premiums for CESAR protected equipment, while leading finance and banking groups like HSBC are stipulating that equipment funded by them is CESAR protected. Additionally, the Home Office has issued a document on Security Guidance for Construction and Agricultural Plant, which provides further important advice.

Date Created: 12/05/2008

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