CESAR Technicians Approach 200 As UK ConstructionPlant Identification Soars

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CESAR the Construction Equipment Security and Registration Scheme initiated to counter construction plant theft – estimated to be running at over £100m per annum – reports the number of CESAR-trained technicians approaching the 200 mark as it expands nationwide. Combating Plant Theft is a major concern for the construction industry, with the consequent issues of disruption, potential contract slippage and disrupted site labour. The CESAR scheme is increasingly being recognized as a genuine crime deterrent by manufacturers and operators alike.

CESAR is a Home Office and ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) backed industry wide initiative by the Plant Theft Action Group (PTAG). The CEA (Construction Equipment Association), the CESAR Scheme promoter, is the leading trade association representing equipment and machinery manufacturers and associated UK industries. The CESAR scheme operator is Datatag, the European market leader in Security Identity Systems within the Construction and Plant sectors and the Motorcycle, ATV, Scooter, Trailer, Boat, IT, Cycle and Jet Ski markets. Datatag - working with the Metropolitan Police & Vehicle Squad and the Scotland Yard Stolen Vehicle Squad – is responsible for the training of CESAR Technicians, all of whom have undergone criminal bureau record checks and been issued with their unique official code by the CEA.
To date, 224 technicians have applied, with 166 already trained and passed, with a further 40 going through the final stages.

Commenting on the surge in CESAR installations and technician approval Ken Bainbridge, Chairman of the CEA Approvals Committee and director of JCB said, “As an OEM, JCB has every confidence in CESAR and we fit it as standard in every item of plant and construction machinery we manufacture. We believe that the introduction of the CESAR scheme has enhanced plant security and materially reduced the incidence of theft and it has our full support. The rapid increase in the number of CESAR qualified technicians will further progress the scheme.”

Kevin Howells, Director of Datatag, said that the national uptake for CESAR was exceeding forecasts and that the increase in the number of qualified technicians was a key element. “This is something of a milestone and the ever increasing number of CESAR qualified technicians will drive the scheme forward at an even faster rate. There is no doubt that the industry as a whole is increasingly realizing the importance of security in the plant and construction equipment areas. The number of technicians Datatag has comprehensively trained and vetted in such a short period of time is unbelievable and it is ensuring that CESAR not only becomes truly national but is universally recognized as the leading initiative in the industry.”

Continued Ken Bainbridge, “The fundamental element in the growth of CESAR is a robust and secure process in appointing, training and authorising the growing team of technicians. There is no doubt that CESAR is providing the police with real opportunities to recover stolen equipment and return it to its rightful owner. This is certain to reduce the high incidence of stolen plant being unwittingly purchased.”

Concluded Kevin Howells, “The response to CESAR is growing daily and it is demonstrating that the incidence of plant and equipment theft can be substantially reduced. With the backing of the Home Office, the involvement of OEMs, the police, insurance companies and operators large and small, the message is clear. CESAR identification technology is here to deliver all-year-round protection anywhere in the UK.”

Date Created: 06/03/2008

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