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Identifying stolen plant and agricultural machinery has been made far easier since the introduction of the construction industry's official security marking scheme, CESAR. This was proven again recently after a Crimestoppers tip off to the Avon and Somerset Police.

The caller raised suspicions about a piece of machinery at a premises in South Gloucester and when visited a Takeuchi TB228 was clearly visible from the street. Fortunately the officer on hand had been trained by the Datatag Police Liaison Team in how the CESAR Scheme works and even though it was late in the evening it took just one call to Datatag's 24/7 secure call centre, quoting the unique CESAR ID to confirm the fact that the machine had recently been reported stolen.

With this undeniable poof a warrant was issued the following morning and the Police returned to the yard to seize the machine. As a bonus whilst there another machine, a Manitou MT932 telehandler, was discovered and also found, again using the CESAR Scheme Datatag technologies to be stolen.

A police spokesman said, "Being able to identify these machines so quickly really makes our job easier. The CESAR Scheme has been a real benfit in our fight against organised equipment theft."

The CESAR System uses unique layered Datatag technologies which when combined mean identification cannot be erased and ensures when found stolen machines can be reunited with grateful owners.

With an estimated second hand value of over £50,000 this was a significant find for the police and proves beyond doubt the effectiveness of the CESAR Scheme in securing machine recoveries.

Kevin Howells, MD at Datatag said, "I'm delighted that through the CESAR Scheme and our technologies the Police were able to identify beyond doubt the ownership of these machines and get them back to their owners. This proves that the system is a powerful aid in recovery for the Police."

Date Created: 20/02/2016

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