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Datatag’s Police Liaison and Training officers Nick Mayell and Vince Wise recently shared their extensive security knowledge and expertise with serving police officers from the Suffolk Constabulary during a three week training programme in partnership with AITS training school.

Twelve officers from the Norfolk and Suffolk Roads Policing Units attended the three week ‘Roads Policing Skills Course’ held at Suffolk Police HQ. As part of the course they had input from Nick on plant theft and identification and from Vince on vehicle theft and recognition which served as a ‘taster’ to the full courses run at the AITS training school, in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

The officers were shown the process of ‘rational selection’ which helps identify stolen vehicles, how to correctly age an item of plant and methods of identification including case studies. Delegates were also introduced to the official CESAR Scheme and shown how to identify a machine using a Datatag scanner or forensic analysis of the hidden DNA markers.

The official CESAR Scheme supported by the Home Office and ACPO is the number one deterrent and theft recovery system for Construction and Agricultural equipment. The success of the CESAR scheme has gone from strength to strength with over 200,000 items of equipment now protected in the UK since its launch back in 2007.

Prior to 2007 plant machinery was recognised as a big issue for the construction and agricultural sectors, Working in partnership with the Home office, the police and private industry bodies, a criteria was drawn up which would allow the easy and secure identification of any machine. The construction and Agricultural Equipment security registration, CESAR was created and Datatag ID Limited experts in security were awarded management of the scheme owned by the construction Equipment Association (CEA) and Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA).

The CESAR registration scheme has helped plant theft drop by around 43%, this success has not gone unnoticed as all major machinery insurers offer substantial discounts of up to 25% for CESAR marked machinery.

The success of the official CESAR Scheme would not be possible without the Plant and Agricultural Intelligence Unit (PANIU), a pan UK force which investigates plant theft and ensures that all data is shared to all UK, European and Interpol forces who investigate plant theft to help lead to the recovery of millions pounds worth of stolen machinery each week across the globe. Nationwide police support, is vital for endorsing the scheme and it’s by the sharing of information that leads to credible recoveries.

Norfolk and Suffolk have high equipment theft rates, being close to ports, and it is hoped that the new knowledge imparted to officers will assist in detecting stolen property and catching opportunistic and professional thieves.

Date Created: 08/09/2015

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