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CESAR, and the Datatag technology behind it is unbeatable, something Max Wynn from Burnley found this out to his cost. CESAR once again proved its value to the community giving the audacious criminal no alternative but to plead guilty to the charge of handling a stolen mini-excavator worth £35,000.

Wynn, 26, had originally claimed he had no idea the Takeuchi excavator was not legitimate when he bought it on-line for £23,500, the town’s crown court was told. But Datatag investigators acting on behalf of the Japanese manufacturer tracked down the machine after it had been stolen from a building site in Leeds.

Despite the machine being stripped of its original manufacturer’s identity plates by the thieves, there was nothing that they could do to find or remove CESAR’s hidden technology that proved beyond doubt the identity of the machine.

Wynn, of Inchfield, Worsthorne, admitted handling stolen goods and was given a six-month prison sentence, suspended for two years at the crown court. Judge Andrew Woolman also ordered him to pay £1,088 to the Yorkshire-based SCD Group, which had hired the digger, £400 in costs and an £80 victim surcharge.

CESAR, powered by Datatag ID Limited, is the only official construction and agricultural equipment security marking and registration scheme in the UK and is the most successful scheme of its type in the world with over 200,000 pieces of equipment registered. Using sophisticated ‘state of the art’ Datatag security marking technology, CESAR gives each piece of equipment a unique and permanent identity that thieves cannot remove. CESAR is made up of unique tamper proof identification plates, RFID tags, Datatadots and forensic DNA which are distributed around the machine. Many leading manufacturers fit CESAR as standard factory fit but CESAR can be fitted to all other unmarked machinery for a one of charge with no monthly subscription fees.

Lancashire Police’s Stolen Vehicles Unit was alerted to the whereabouts of the stolen Takeuchi TB250 mini-excavator by Datatag’s Police Liaison and Training Officer Nick Mayell. Within hours of the alert, Mr Wynn was in police custody and the machine was safely returned to its rightful owner thanks to the CESAR scheme and Datatag security marking technology.

Date Created: 24/02/2015

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