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Adam Henson, a well known personality in the agricultural market, first became aware of the CESAR Scheme and the Datatag technology behind it after a television programme highlighting the growing issue of rural theft and what the industry was doing to combat it. Adam and his team were impressed with the technology behind and the benefits of the CESAR anti-theft system, which acts as a powerful deterrent against opportunistic and audacious theft in both agricultural and construction industries.

Adam asked Datatag at the time to install the system on his machinery and after a recent purchase has again shown his confidence in the official CESAR security Scheme asking Datatag’s Police Liaison and Training Officer Nick Mayell to come along to his famous farm and mark his latest crop sprayer.

Adam Henson had this to say "Rural crime and machinery theft are a constant concern for the farming community and I was delighted to hear about the impact the CESAR scheme has been having to alleviate the problem since its launch back in 2007. We don't hesitate to use CESAR to help protect our machines from theft as it is a proven deterrent and has the added bonus that it helps reduce our insurance premiums.”

CESAR, industry supported by the AEA, works by giving each piece of equipment a unique and permanent ‘fingerprint’. Using an array of covert and overt security marking technologies including tamper evident triangular registration plates, radio frequency identification (RFID) transponders, forensic liquid DNA, and microscopic Datadots.

CESAR is the only scheme of its type in the world and is now recognised as an industry standard of best practice. The ‘CESAR effect’ has reduced overall equipment theft in the UK by 46%, increased the rate of recovery of stolen equipment by a factor of 6, and helped reduce insurance premiums on equipment. According to police statistics CESAR registered machines are 4 times less likely to be stolen and 6 times more likely to be recovered than unregistered machines. CESAR is widely supported by government agencies, trade associations, leading insurers and the asset finance industry as it is a proven deterrent against theft and an invaluable aid in recovery.

With the insurance industry backing substantial discounts are offered if machinery is fitted with CESAR.

You can see Adam’s crop sprayer which is now protected by CESAR at the Lamma Show, 21&22 January at Peterborough Show Ground.

Date Created: 13/01/2015

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