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The official equipment security and registration scheme, CESAR, will once again have a noticeable presence at Tillage Live. The now familiar triangular registration plate will be visible on ‘full sized’ machines from, amongst others, John Deere, Massey Ferguson and JCB and on new adopters smaller equipment. Both Amazone and Challenger Agri have adopted CESAR for their smaller equipment in the past few weeks.

Amazone adopted CESAR in May and exhibited their first CESAR equipped machine, a Pantera 4001 self-propelled crop protection sprayer, at the 2 day CEREALS exhibition held near Lincoln in June. And last week, at Saltex, Amazone announced the fitment of CESAR on their Profihopper machines. The Amazone stand will feature a CESAR equipped Profihopper ‘hot-foot’ from Saltex.

Commenting on the announcement Amazone’s UK Brand Manager Simon Brown had this to say, “CESAR has proven to be a powerful deterrent against theft and a valuable aid in recovery. Our Groundcare products are used in urban and remote locations and they are therefore susceptible to opportunistic thieves. Fitting CESAR is a sensible precaution and a benefit to our customers who cannot afford the financial loss and the disruption caused by equipment theft.”

Challenger Agri’s midlands dealer B & B Tractors will be exhibiting a CESAR equipped Virion 5.0 fully trailed soil loosening sub-soiler on the CESAR stand (plot 103) at the one day show.

CESAR, which acts as a powerful deterrent against theft and an invaluable aid in recovery, works by giving each piece of equipment a unique and permanent ‘fingerprint’ using a mix of state of the art security marking technology, supplied by Datatag, that includes tamper evident triangular registrations plates, Radio-frequency identification (RFID) transponders, forensic liquid DNA and microscopic Datadots®. CESAR is the world’s most successful security and registration scheme with over 125,000 pieces of equipment registered and protected.

Date Created: 10/09/2013

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