Terex Supply Leading Hire Company A-Plant Machines With Factory Fited CESAR System – An Industry First!

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Terex are the first construction equipment manufacturer to provide customers with the Datatag CESAR system as a factory fit on construction machinery, with leading UK rental company A-Plant taking the first machines. Not only is this a first for Terex, it is also a major first for A-Plant as they are the first rental company in the industry to specify these as factory fit. These are also the first CESAR systems in the field, however many more are expected to follow suit. The Terex machines to be fitted with CESAR are site dumpers and tandem rollers.

The CESAR system was introduced by Datatag at the behest of the Plant Theft Action Group (PTAG) and in conjunction with the major industry bodies in response to the high levels of plant and low recovery rates in the UK.

The CESAR system uses state of the art Datatag identification technology such as unique miniature electronic transponders or tags, highly visible tamper evident triangular identification plates combined with cutting edge microscopic and forensic security technology i.e. Datatag DNA and Datadots ® plus there is an optional Satellite Tracking Technology (iTrack) to ensure a high level of plant theft recovery if required.

Robert Kelly, Procurement Director of A-Plant said: “We are the only major rental company that is doubling up with both Tracker and CESAR, and by doing so we are offering the highest level of security to our customers. A-Plant has already ordered over 1000 machines this year – including site dumpers, rollers, mini excavators, compressors and telehandlers – all with Tracker fitted, and by also having the CESAR system fitted to these machines, it further demonstrates our commitment to reducing plant theft and achieving total customer satisfaction”.

Tim Soar, Sales & Marketing Director of Terex Construction Coventry said: “This is a very important move for Terex, as the ability to fit this within the factory further demonstrates our commitment to our customers needs, and shows how Terex can work with a major customer such as A-Plant and help them offer a better service to their own customers. We are delighted to be the first in the industry to have fitted CESAR within the factory, and we expect more of our customers to specify this over time in order to meet the criteria being proposed by the Olympic Delivery Authority enabling them to work on London 2012 construction sites. This latest order from A-Plant is part of the significant ongoing £5.8m order from A-Plant for Terex equipment.”

Kevin Howells, Managing Director of Datatag said: "With approximately 80% of all Plant & Machinery sales placed in the UK by rental and hire companies it is vital that this sector supports the new registration scheme and we are extremely pleased that A-Plant not only recognise the importance of the CESAR scheme but have now taken the positive decision to insist that all of their new equipment is protected and registered first" Howells commented further " Terex have clearly demonstrated their support and flexibility to their customers and the registration scheme by incorporating CESAR on the production line within a short time frame and will also offer CESAR to other customers soon"

Date Created: 03/02/2008

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