Bomag To Protect Tandem Rollers With CESAR Registration And The Datatag Security System

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BOMAG, the market leader in compaction, has just announced that from July 1st it will be fitting Datatag security devices and registering all Tandem Vibratory Rollers it sells through its network of compaction Centres in the UK with the official CESAR scheme. Commenting on the move BOMAG (G.B.) Managing Director Alan Batty had this to say……….”We’ve been aware of the CESAR scheme since its inception and have monitored its adoption rate by excavator manufacturers and the like. Our plant hire customers in particular are keen to see CESAR universally adopted as part of a drive to reduce plant theft and we’re keen to help in that respect. We’ve started with our market leading Tandem Rollers, as this is where our volume is, and also because they are a common target for thieves due to their very high residual values and the fact that they are popular throughout Europe”. Tandem vibratory rollers are the fourth most common type of plant to be stolen after generators, hydraulic dipper mounted breakers and compressors.

The Construction Equipment Association estimates that plant theft in the UK could be as high as £1 million per week. Insurers are increasingly reluctant to insure construction plant without CESAR registration and most offer discounts for equipment with CESAR. The Datatag ‘system’ for a construction machine includes two tamper proof triangular identification plates with a unique number that can be crossed referenced by the Police national computer, a number of miniature transponders that can be read by special scanners, numerous ‘Datadots’ and invisible forensic DNA linked to the machines identification number which are applied throughout the machine. Datatag has equipped every Police Force in the UK with scanners to read the transponders at a cost of around £1 million. Only approved and trained technicians are allowed to equip machines for CESAR registration and the approval process includes a criminal record check.
Many Local Authorities will only allow CESAR equipped machines onto their sites and a number of National utilities are also adopting a similar approach.

Date Created: 15/07/2008

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