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Datatag, the company behind the successful CESAR Security Scheme for construction and agricultural machinery, have signed up with BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products, the world leader in motorised recreational and utility vehicles to offer Datatag's CESAR Security System as standard on its 2016 Can-Am ATV line-up. This initiative will not only reduce the risk of theft by ensuring a machines true identity cannot be erased but will also assist in lowering consumers' premiums by up to 15 per cent and reduce the excess that needs to be paid if a vehicle is stolen.

Datatag will provide training for BRP technicians at dealerships nationwide to be certified to fit CESAR which has both visible markings such as a mini CESAR warning triangle with RFID transponder and tamper evident ID labels that are impossible to remove plus covert markings including Datadots®, a microdot identification system and hidden glass tag RFID transponders which can be hidden within the machines wiring. Should a vehicle be stolen and recovered, the CESAR system allows police to access it's true identity via Datatag's 24/7 secure contact centre.

Dave Luscombe, Datatag Strategic Alliance Manager said "BRP's pledge to its customers to prioritise ATV security is underlined through this joint venture with us and the CESAR Scheme. We are confident we can help put its customers' minds at ease by providing the very best security marking solution there is."

The CESAR system, and technologies supplied by Datatag, only requires one single payment for the markings and fitment which means that the consumer's equipment is registered for life with no additional payments at all. Should the machine be sold on legitimately ownership details can be transferred on the database for a small administration charge.

Paul Wood, BRP commercial representative UK and Ireland, says, "BRP is always aiming to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology in the ATV industry. Our partnership with Datatag reinforces our commitment to placing security at the heart of our product development with measures such as the D.E.S.S (Digitally Encoded Security System) key that comes with our ATVs as standard."

Datatag produces security products for many sectors and is the technology provider for the motorcycle industry scheme - MASTER and the marine industry scheme COMPASS as well as the construction and agriculture scheme CESAR.

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Date Created: 21/01/2016

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