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Steelwrist has, since 2012 with its launch of secure quick couplers with framaxellås, been the Nordics market leading attachments manufacturer. Steelwrist's framaxellås is still the only mount on the market that works with all kinds of excavators.

Now Steelwrist are expanding their focus to encompass security including anti-theft and registration with CESAR powered by Datatag to help protect their customers.

Datatag is one of the world's largest security marking specialists and is active in markets as varied as construction, trailers, boats, motorcycles, outboard engines and cycles all in cooperation with police, customs and other industry organisations. Statistics from the UK shows that the CESAR marking system reduces the risk of theft by as much as 80% and that CESAR registered equipment that is stolen is 6 times more likely to be recovered. In the UK top construction brands such as JCB, Caterpillar, Kubota and Manitou fit CESAR as standard and Steelwrist is the first manufacturer in the Nordic market to protect equipment with CSEAR at the factory on tilt rotators.

Recently published ATL and Larmtjänst numbers highlighted the issue that in Sweden on that machine thefts increased by 12% in 2014 and often those machines were shipped quickly out of the country never to be recovered.

Stefan Stockhaus, CEO of Steelwrist AB said "We want to take this step because we know that it creates benefits for the owners of Steelwrist products. The main advantage is of course that the risk of theft is dramatically reduced, thus reducing the risk of costly downtime and other consequential costs. Furthermore, it eliminates the policy excess from several insurance companies if the theft still happens."

Steelwrist's CESAR system consists of several components containing, among other things, Datatag microchips, DNA Datadots, tamper evident warning decals and hidden etching to make it virtually impossible for a thief to entirely remove the machine's identity. This enables police and customs officers in nearly 190 countries to easily read and quickly verify who owns the product via Datatag's globally accessible secure database.

"Today, the more advanced thieves have learnt how to disconnect or interfere with GPS-based tracker systems installed in many machines making CESAR powered by Datatag the perfect addition that cannot be manipulated. GPS-based systems often also have ongoing monthly subscription costs which you do not have with CESAR" says Magnus Rydhult, President of Crime Stoppers Sweden AB.

The insurance industry is now working towards defining a common security standard for machinery and equipment and this new standard will be based on a rating system that has at least five layers of marking - CESAR is currently the only system that meets these requirements.

"This is also an opportunity for us at Steelwrist aftermarket and our service partners, to be able to offer CESAR to both Tilt rotators and excavators in the field. Of course we will service all types of Tilt rotators, as well Steelwrist and other brands." says Fredrik Segerstrom, service manager at Steelwrist AB.

The aim of the cooperation between Crime Stoppers, Datatag distributors in the Nordics and Steelwrist is to help customers focus on their business and avoid worrying about downtime, lost production, replacement of stolen equipment, wear deductions and other consequential costs that always arise in connection with thefts.

Date Created: 23/03/2015

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