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Datatag ID Limited, the power behind the official security and registration scheme CESAR, will be exhibiting at Plantworx for the second time this June. The proven anti-theft system reached 200,000 registrations earlier this year, making it the most successful scheme of its type anywhere in the world.

CESAR, powered by Datatag’s ‘state of the art’ security marking technology, is the only official construction and agricultural equipment security marking and registration scheme in the UK. Made up of unique tamper proof identification plates, RFID tags, Datatadots and forensic DNA distributed around the machine, CESAR gives each piece of equipment a unique and permanent identity that thieves cannot remove.

At Plantworx, the largest construction equipment show in the UK in 2015, Datatag will launch VENOM, its answer to the growing problem of fuel theft. As stolen construction equipment has become less desirable and higher risk, as a result of the success of the CESAR scheme acting as a deterrent and recovery aid, opportunistic and professional thieves have turned their attention to stealing fuel from plant yards and construction sites. Fuel theft, the Met Police estimate, costs businesses close to a billion pounds a year in the UK alone!

Datatag has taken up the challenge and using their expertise in providing robust technological solutions has developed VENOM, a new, exclusive and unique forensic DNA identifier. Venom, mixed with an engine performance enhancer, provides a unique answer to the issue of fuel theft and is designed to act as a power deterrent against theft and  an aid to the police in identifying and tracing stolen fuel.

Datatag VENOM DNA can be formulated to give a company, site or an individual bowser a unique DNA profile, providing a level of security and traceability not seen before. VENOM DNA is mixed in the fuel tank, dispensed from a convenient container, and can be used in red diesel, DERV and petrol. VENOM can be detected by conducting a simple roadside test, allowing the police or security staff to identify the presence of VENOM DNA from which the origin of the fuel can be determined.

Kevin Howells Datatag’s Managing Director commented “The issue of fuel theft is a billion pound headache for the UK haulage, construction and agriculture industries and causes untold additional costs in delays and environmental clean-up operations.  VENOM incorporates all our know-how and allows companies to protect one of their most valuable assets simply and cost effectively. In our opinion this really will be a game changer in the fight against the fuel theft.”

Ian Elliott, Group Head of Security at utility contractor Clancy Docwra, is enthusiastic at the potential, “Most contractors suffer fuel theft, and we are no exception, so anything that helps address the problem is most welcome. Knowing Datatag’s impressive track record with CESAR I’m convinced that VENOM will have a marked impact in deterring fuel theft by opportunistic and professional thieves.”

Seumas Ascott, Group Security Manager at Murphy’s, added, “Fuel theft causes our industry a major headache. It causes severe inconvenience and increases our operating costs.  The associated costs arising from fuel theft often far outweigh the cost of the fuel stolen and so anything which can help avoid these issues is to be welcomed.”

Datatag VENOM will be available in commercial quantities from June this year and the company will be exhibiting at Plantworx (stand number 3D1) to spread the word.

Date Created: 05/03/2015

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